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Catford Engineering – Committed to SERVICE

Catford Engineering has emerged as a strong and adaptable company whose success benefits both community groups and customers.

Catford Engineering began from humble beginnings in 1978 on the family farm near Tarcowie, South Australia. Brothers Charles and Robert Catford set up the business primarily to assist the local agricultural community with repairs to all types of farm machinery.

As the business grew, Robert and Charles established the business in 1980 at Jamestown and began to manufacture front-end loaders, hydraulic post-hole diggers and attachments and other farm equipment. The progression from here was to work with large companies who would utilise our services in the long term.

With many advantageous strengths and demonstrated qualities, the business then expanded to council, earth-moving and mining equipment and various shutdown worksites. During the next 10 years the workshop had many expansions and alterations completed to keep up with the workload demand . The work included various jobs with local councils and large corporations in South Australia.

The company has now been established for over 28 years and the business is continuing to grow and strengthen by adding new services to the company. To cater to the retail side Charles and Robert initiated a retail catalogue and built a warehouse and showroom, which house a wide variety of general engineering accessories which is continually expanding in volume and variety of goods.

The company policy is to keep as much work as possible “in house”. This is our commitment to quality assurance; it saves time and money for the customer.

Directors work both in the workshop and office to provide innovative solutions to individual requirements as well as direct communication with employees and customers.

Catford Engineering is a professional and forward thinking business. Our key strength is the ability to respond positively to a customer query and to maintain long-term value and price advantages.

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